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Taps in Reverse Chronological Order (continued)

Eugene Cassin Carusi
1905 - 1987

Eugene Cassin Carusi, 82, Washington Lawyer, Dies

Eugene Cassin Carusi, 82, a Washington Lawyer since 1938 who was former university official, federal prosecutor, and decorated Navy combat veteran of World War II, died of respiratory failure Nov. 14 at his home in Washington.

He served as a director of the D.C. Bar Association from 1961 to 1963, and had served as trustee of George Washington University.

Mr. Carusi was born in Washington to one of this citys oldest families. The first of his family settled here in 1802. Another relation, Commodore Stephen Cassin was a hero of the War of 1812. His grandfather Eugene Carusi was founder of the old National University. His father, Charles Francis Carusi had chaired the city Board of Education and served as chancellor of the National University law school.

Mr. Carusi graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy at Annapolis in 1928. After serving aboard cruisers and battleships, he resigned from the Navy to enter law school.

He graduated from National University law school in 1934, then spent the next four years as an assistant United States attorney for the District of Columbia. In 1939, he began the private practice of general law, from which he never retired. Also, in the late 1930s and early 1940s, he was dean and assistant chancellor of the economics and government school at National University.

In March 1941, he was stationed aboard a munitions carrier at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 7, 1941, when Japanese forces attacked the base. In June 1944, as commander of Naval beach battalion on Normandys Omaha Beach, during the famous D-Day landings, he earned the Silver Star Medal. Shortly after the landings, he was seriously wounded. During the remainder of the war, he worked as a staff officer in Washington. He retired from the Navy again in 1946, having attained the rank of commander. In addition to the Silver Star, his decorations included the Purple Heart Medal and French Croix de Guerre.

He was a member of the Chevy Chase, Burning Tree and Metropolitan clubs.

Survivors include his wife of 54 years, the former Cecil Perry, of Washington; two daughters, Mrs. Pierre Pose of Paris, and Mrs. Howell Scott of New York City; five grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren.


September 7, 1946

My dear Lieutenant Davey:

I have addressed this letter to reach you after all the formalities of your separation from active service are completed. I have done so because, without formality but as clearly as I know how to say it, I want the Navy's pride in you, which it is my privilege to express, to reach into your civil life and to remain with you always.

You have served in the greatest Navy in the world.

It crushed two enemy fleets at once, receiving their surrenders only four months apart.

It brought our land-based airpower within bombing range of the enemy, and set our ground armies on the beachheads of final victory.

It performed the multitude of tasks necessary to support these military operations.

No other Navy at any time has done so much. For your part in these achievements you deserve to be proud as long as you live. The Nation which you served at a time of crisis will remember you with gratitude.

The best wishes of the Navy go with you into your future life. Good luck!

Sincerely yours,

James Forrestal

James Russell Davey, Jr.
1917 - 1948

27 September 1948

Mrs. J. Russell Davey, Jr.
136 So. 18th St.
Easton, Pa.

Dear Mrs. Davey,

Official notice of the death of your husband, James Russell Davey, Jr., Lieutenant, USNR, was received by me today, and, as the representative of the Navy Department in the Fourth Naval District, may I extend my sincere sympathy, together with the hope that you may find consolation in the knowledge of your husband's devotion to the duty he has rendered in the service of his country.

Yours very sincerely,

Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy
Commandant, Fourth Naval District

John Franklin Kincaid
1917 - 1945

A letter from Rev. Robert Fulton, '42, pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Leesburg, Va., reported that of April 25th news had come from the Navy Department to Mr. and Mrs. John F. Kincaid, of Leesburg, Va., that their son, John Franklin Kincaid, '38, lieutenant, U.S.N. Medical Corps, had been killed in action on a destroyer off Okinawa on April 12, 1945. This promising young doctor was born May 9, 1917, graduated at Hampden-Sydney College in 1938, entered the Medical School of Duke University at once and graduated in 1942. After serving as intern in Johns Hopkins Hospital, he entered service in July, 1943. He was on the Normandy Beaches on D-day aiding and treating the sick and the wounded. Later he was ordered to the West Coast. Before going on sea duty he married on December 2, 1944, in San Diego, Cal., Miss Esther E. Rogers, of Hamilton, Va. Early in January, 1945, he sailed for the South Pacific. He was happy and useful in his work. In the last letter received from him, written shortly before his death, he reported that all was well. And this was true; for he lived as a Christian and was ready when the end came. (The Record, p8)

SIXTH Naval Beach Battalion fallen sailors 6 June 1944.


BM 1c George L. Abbott
PhM 3c Charles L. Abel
SM 3c Gilford R. Albertson
Ens James E. Allison
RM 3c Edwyn D. Black
RM 3c John M. Chase
RM 3c Francis J. Collins
Lt (jg) Almond L. Hagerty
S 1c George G. Higgins
S 1c Calvin H. Hoppes
RM 2c Alton Hudson
Coxswain Amin Isbir
Lt (jg) Leonard L. Lewis
RM 3c Lawrence R. Merideth
HA 1c Virgil Mounts
RM 2c John N. Murphy
PhM 1c John T. O'Donnell
PhM 2c John F. Peterssen
PhM 3c Morris W. Rickenbach
RM 3c T. I. Simmons
Lt (jg) George L. Wade

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